Wednesday, November 7, 2012

0 Guide to making easy cash with Instagram

I am gonna tell you a little bit about my plan.
Manual Account creation:
Unless you have a iphone or ipad, it is quite hard to make accounts on instagram. So I have found the best method is to simulate the Instagram app on your PC. To do this you will need to download a piece of software called BlueStack available here:
Install BlueStack then find and install the Instagram app.
From the Instagram app, register your first account with a girls username such as sexysarah25, the email address you use to register can be fake as there is no verification. I have found on my home IP, I can create 2 accounts every 30 mins or so. You can easily make 10 accounts throughout the day. For each of the accounts you create, upload a photo of a hot girl as the profile photo.
Choosing the right products to promote:
I have found the best way to find good products to promote is to go on Instagram’s popular images(second tab in the app), and find a product somebody is already spamming. Look at what type of product they are spamming in the comments, and find something similar, however do not spam the same product as people are probably already sick of seeing the same link! The best products are normally something to do with making money online, dating etc… Then find a affiliate network that has some good products to promote. Here are just some that I have used before:
Check with the affiliate company if social traffic is allowed, (or cloak the traffic so they don’t know it is coming from Instagram!).
Remember that people using Instagram are viewing from a mobile device or tablet, so find a product that displays well on a mobile device. If you look at the marketplace on for example clickbank, you will find several products that are already optimised for mobiles. In general I find offers that only need an email submit the best converting, Instagram user seem to love filling in their email address!
Methods of promoting your product:
  • Your Profile Edit your profile with something like “I make loads of $$$ by working a few hours a day. Check it out here:”, then fill in your affiliate url. Remember that you must cloak your affiliate url, otherwise your profile will get ghosted and nobody will see your link! Another option would be to make a doorway page on a free host like a blogspot page leading to your offer page. This will also avoid your link being ghosted.
  • Following
Now go to the explore tab in instagram, search for users with a keyword and start following loads of users. When you follow a user they will get a notification that you followed them, and will come and check out your profile page.
  • Liking
The process here is the same as following, go to the explore tab, and search for tags with some keywords. Then like a whole bunch of photos, this will encourage people to check out your profile.
  • Commenting
Using the other accounts you created, go to the explore tab and drop a comment on 15 photos per account. Leave comments like “This person showed me how to make $500 a day online —> @myuser1”, where @myuser1 is your original profile with your link on. Avoid using words like “free”, “money” etc.. as they will cause your comments to get ghosted. Repeat this process every few hours, but don’t overdo it otherwise your accounts will get banned!
  • Uploading photos
Upload photos with your website watermarked on them. I found the easiest way to do this, is to download an app onto BlueStack called “Add Watermark Free”. Find photos on google of some hot girls, save them and watermark them. The watermarking app is pretty self explanatory. This method I have found is the safest way of promoting, and is unlikely to cause your account to get banned. Look up the most popular tags and add them to your photo description for even more views. You can find tags here:
Remember not to overdo any of the methods above, creating account slowly to build huge authority accounts is much better than loads of small accounts that keep getting banned.
Once you have made one account that is making $10-$15 a day, scale it up, make 10 or even 1000 more accounts!
If you have 100 accounts making $15 daily that is $1500 a day! Think of the potential here, instagram is the fastest growing social network!
There are many bots out there, also some free ones if you look hard enough. Remember using bots, your accounts are likely to get banned, so be prepared to have a constant fresh supply of accounts and proxies if the bot can create accounts. Some bots use an the API, which leaves a footprint behind, causing accounts to be banned quicker. Some bots have the ability to create 1000s of accounts for you.
2 bots that I have used here, both have their pros and cons:
can send out about 100 comments per hour per account
~150 follows per hour per account
~150 likes per hour per account
uses Instagram API, only single threaded, no account creator
xGram Bot:
This is my favourite, it can create 1000s of account, support proxies, and acts like a real instagram user by not using the API. If you really want to scale up your work you need this tool!
Can run up to 100 threads.
As many comments, likes, follows as you want.
Can mass promote a photo.
Can scrape images from instagram
Can upload and watermark photos in bulk
Can unfollow
Schedule tasks
Update profiles in bulk
costs a little more than other bots, and needs a good public or private proxy source to create accounts.


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