Wednesday, November 7, 2012

0 Don’t take SEO as a cigarette!!!!

We all know about SEO. If anyone wants to spread out his website or his blog, then obviously he needs to do SEO for his blog or website. I am not a successful blogger that I have already told you before. But I am always looking forward to share my plan and gain knowledge.

Last 2 months ago, I searched google for cpa marketing, I replied at google search box “How to be success in CPA marketing” and google showed me some ebook related links in their first page. I have downloaded some ebook for learning. After that I got some interesting topic in this ebook, they said they have created a good landing page for creating a better blog.

Anyways I was too busy to make a better blog, but I am still unable to reallocate the sources. 2 weeks ago I had to reinstall my computer with new windows and for that, I have lost my cookies data of the firefox browser, and also forget to save the ebook on to another hard drive folder for backup. So as a result I have lost all of the ebook data, which I had downloaded from that google page. But I think I can manage those again, and reallocate the resources of those ebook data from google first page using the keyword “How to be success in CPA marketing”. But I could not find the ebook data in google's first page, not even on 2nd page.

All over  I wanted to tell you one thing that, don’t lost your position from google's first page. Even you are busy at making money but don’t lose your motivations. You need to understand that google is run by their name not only for money. So we also need to follow google's rules and regulations.


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